Living salt spa

Our Mission

Living Salt Spa aims to help customers breathe easier; develop increased lung capacity; have radiant and healthy skin; and a strengthened immune system. The salt spa will help those with specific breathing, sinus, and skin problems feel better and maintain and improve overall health. The spa uses dry salt therapy to improve lung function in its customers. We will create a calming environment in which clients can relax, and just breathe. Our mission is to improve the overall health and well-being of as many people as possible, using dry salt therapy.

We offer halotherapy services in a calm and relaxing environment. You may enjoy these in a private room, or bring friends or family with you for a group experience. Our family room allows parents to relax and receive the benefits of halotherapy while children play in the salt box, with sand toys provided.

What to expect

The salt rooms are set to 68 degrees F. There are blankets provided that you may use. We have zero gravity chairs that recline. All you need to do is relax and breathe. Some people are able to fall asleep during the session. Microscopic particles of pure salt will fill the air. You may cough a little, or notice some drainage. Tissues are provided. We recommend you leave your belongings, especially your phone, in the containers located around the room. This will protect your phone and belongings from salt, which can corrode some items. This will also allow you to more fully relax, and enjoy the time away from electronics and distractions. If you have trouble relaxing, you may enjoy reading a book provided at reception, or enjoy playing with a zen garden. After 45 minutes, we will knock softly on the door, and then open it, allowing you to slowly exit the room.

Before you come in